Shock wave Therapy

Have you ever suffered from Achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis or chronic shoulder pain?

To get rid of tendon and ligament/capsule injuries, Shockwave therapy works by transmitting the energy of radial shockwaves from an applicator to the target tissue. At the border of soft tissue and bone or soft tissue and calcification, the speed of the wave changes and energy is released. Shockwaves are capable of blocking neurogenic inflammation, stimulating the release of growth factors, activating mesenchymal stem cells and stimulating blood circulation.

Shock wave Therapy

Conditions Treated

  • Myofascial pain syndrome, Trigger points, muscle knots
  • Chronic enthesopathies
  • Painful shoulder (Calcification, tendonitis, impingement syndrome)
  • Tennis elbow, Golf elbow (Epicondylitis humeri radialis / ulnaris)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Exostoses of small hand joints
  • Heel spur /Calcar calcanei / Plantar fasciitis
  • Achillodynia, Achilles Tendinitis
  • Tibialis anterior syndrome
  • Pain in Hamstring insertion
  • ITB friction syndrome. (ITB tight)
  • Jumper’s knee / Patella tip syndrome
  • Pain in the groin area
  • Bursitis / trochanterica


  • Shock Wave Therapy 30 minutes 1,800 THB
  • Shock Wave Therapy 45 minutes 2,400 THB
  • Shock Wave Therapy 60 minutes 3,000 THB
  • Shock Wave Therapy 90 minutes 4,200 THB